Alex & Brett,

The CVD trays look excellent.  The rim is flat, smooth and it appears seamless.  There is zero gap between tray and rim.  Bracket, RF shield, and CVD tray all mate up well.

Thank you for your input in developing the split rim construction method, and for the excellent craftsmanship.   I don’t think just any shop could pull this off well.

Thank You

Jonathan M. Noble

Design Engineer


Yelp Reviewers:

I had Trailer In A Bag motorcycle trailer that I wanted to add a Condor Wheel Chock to the front of the unit. In order to do this would require some major cutting and grinding of reinforced steel. I didn’t have the skill nor the money to purchase all the tools that were required. I took the project over to Alex at ABM and all I had to do was describe to him what I was trying to accomplish. He was able to take my vision and produce a finished product that was even better than I imagined. I highly recommend this company if you need any fabrication, metal or CNC work. They can pretty much make anything. Everybody was really nice at the shop and their customer service was great!

John from Denver


Great experience all around with my small job.  The front office was friendly, accommodating, and efficient.  Brett from the shop asked the right questions, and accurately interpreted what I wanted done. The job was executed with skill, even going a little beyond what I asked for in realizing and doing what I really needed (radiused corners and edges). Thank you for a pleasant experience and a job well done.  And did I mention it was done right then and there?

Neal from Arvada